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Smart Phase

The extensive knowledge of our personnel in power systems has lead us to develop products and offer design services in the field of Microgrids and Smartgrids.

We have experience in electronics and software engineering which allows to us to offer a full design service in this field. We offer control systems for the integration of generation and smart technologies into conventional power systems to form Microgrids and Smartgrids. This ensures that new technologies can be integrated into the power network in the most cost effective manner whilst offering technical benefits and statutory compliance.

Our products are based on the use of a microcontroller based hardware platform implemented with innovative power system monitoring and control software algorithms. Our product offering is based on the three levels shown below:

Level 1: System Monitoring

We are able to offer innovative power and energy system monitoring:

  • Automatic monitoring and targeting
  • Real time carbon and energy reporting
  • Utility metering verification
  • Energy usage prediction using historical data
Level 2: System Control

Our monitoring systems can be upgraded to realise control functionality for the following applications:

  • Network load control
  • Network volt / var control
  • PV and wind turbine
  • Low carbon generation
  • Energy Storage
  • Electric Vehicles Integration
  • Building Energy Management systems (BEMs)
  • Off grid power systems with wind / PV / Diesel Generation / Storage

Level 3:
Grid Side Services

Additional revenue streams can be obtained by using our control equipment to interface with the electricity grid:

  • Demand Response
  • Energy Arbitrage
  • Balancing services
  • Virtual Power Plants