Battery storage and microgrid systems for homes and communities, accessing low cost energy from renewable resources at the point of demand through storage and trading.


Smart Power Systems has designed its resGRID™ domestic battery products with maximum flexibility to address the needs of homes and homeowners. It can also operate within a community microgrid.

In each case, we integrate warranted battery modules from established manufacturers with best in class converters, which are housed in a bespoke enclosure and then commissioned by Smart Power Systems’s expert engineers and electricians.

Once installed, the resGRID™ system is managed using smartPHASE and our web-based application software. Choice of option will depend on specifics of the home or building, including the type of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) being implemented (PV Solar, micro wind turbine, micro CHP, EV charging infrastructure, heat pump, smart appliance integration etc) and whether it is used in aggregation schemes such as a virtual power plant and grid side services or in peer to peer trading.

Key Feature

The key feature is smartPHASE. This is the intelligence that resides in all Smart Power Systems products including comGRID and evGRID. It is responsible for managing the battery system and any interconnected equipment in order to achieve system optimisation and to meet the client’s objective, which is often reduction in energy cost.

smartPHASE is made up of two distinct controller modules:

  • Real Time Controller (RTC)
    • High resolution rule-based controller monitoring and controlling the battery storage and other plant
    • Maximising self consumption from on-site generation
    • Responsible for managing VPP, peer to peer and grid side services
  • Predictive Controller (PC)
    • Based on machine learning algorithms to manage forecast uncertainty of home demand and PV Solar (or other) energy output
    • Decision making tool sends intelligent control instructions to RTC based controller on historical demand and PV solar data as well as “look ahead” based on future meteorological conditions
    • Provides battery management based on seasonal variation.

smartPHASE incorporates a web-based service which gives a complete overview of system performance. The resGRID™ system is able to predict electricity, gas and water bills integrating with other smart devices installed in the home. Smart Power Systems’ resGRID™ products are a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Other Features
  • Calendar life up to 15 years
  • Low maintenance
  • Indoor or outdoor installation, floor or wall-mounted
  • IEC / CE compliant
  • Suits new build or retrofit environment
  • Enables cost savings through self-consumption and new revenues from grid services
  • Opens opportunities for power sharing and peer-to-peer trading
Product Options

We design resGRID™ systems to take into account the following client-side factors:

Battery Vendor and Technology
We generally work with Lithium Iron Phosphate technologies which are considered the safest battery type. However, we are able to work with other battery types which can be integrated using our smartPHASE and other components.

Battery Energy Rating
We will match battery ratings to demand and generation forecasts. Larger batteries can also be more beneficial for grid side services. Generally we work with single batteries from 2.4kWh up to 5.7kWh rated capacity. These can be connected in parallel to increase energy rating

Converter Type
We offer various types of converter, including:

battery storage only: Direct AC system connection

hybrid: aallowing the PV Solar plant to connect directly to the same converter as the battery storage system, saving space and cost.