Innovative AC or DC Microgrid systems powered by smartPHASE delivering EV charging and V2G operation for single EVs and EV groups. Integrating local clean energy and battery storage delivers a true low carbon mobility solution.


evGRID is a true low carbon mobility solution which can be used with our own EV Charging Points or compliant products of other vendors. It enables both EV Charging and V2G, whilst enabling charging between different EV within the same car park. The use of smartPHASE allows this advanced functionality while maximising profits with grid side services trading.

Key Message

EV is the mobility technology of our time and is set to make a significant contribution to global decarbonisation and clean living in our communities. However, the following two issues are significant barriers to EV exploitation:

  1. Traditional grid electricity networks offer limited capacity for EV charging and an inability to accept power back into the grid from EV groups
  2. EV Charging via traditional fossil fuel sources, i.e. via the transmission of electricity from remote bulk power stations to local EV charger, does not address decarbonisation and due to long distance power transfer is also inefficient due to system power losses.

evGRID mitigates the two barriers above by implementing local Microgrid technology with renewable energy generation. Without evGRID, EV may not contribute to the global clean energy vision.

Our work in the EV sector matches our knowledge of power systems with our experience in battery performance and integration. We deploy this expertise, along with our EMS, in:

  • our work with SmartHubs;
  • our partnership with Autogreen to test and then deploy second life car batteries in our other applications, including resGRID and comGRID; and
  • design and engineering services to developers and manufacturers to integrate EV charging infrastructure with projects and to meet grid requirements.

The benefits include reduced distribution charges for the import of electricity, revenue from grid services and reduced infrastructure costs.

Key Feature

Our EVGrid product works with individual charging points or charging hubs and

  • solves issues for customers with distributed generation and/or EV charging requirements whose connections require grid upgrades;
  • operates as an islanded or a grid-connected device;
  • optimises both across the smart hub devices, and also the connected LV networks.

Smart Power Systems supply the battery, converter and communications interfaces that are then integrated with smartPHASE which controls the vehicle charging process.

Other Features
  • IEC compliant
  • Reduce grid connection costs
  • Participate in grid balancing services
  • Reduce energy costs by increasing consumption of renewable energy and using low-cost power
  • Improve security of supply
  • Feed site-critical loads during loss of grid
  • Indoor and outdoor installation.
Product Options
  • Flexible, scalable system available for small or large scale car parks and fleets
  • AC or DC Microgrid technology of bespoke design based on project characteristics
  • Suitable for AC and DC charging and V2G operation
  • Grid connected and grid isolated island operation (means charging points can be added where no grid power supply exists)
  • Number of charging points can be scaled up or down to meet project requirements