Smart Hubs Project, UK

Delivery of car park level V2G management system utilising a DC Microgrid with stationary battery storage and renewable energy generation. System integration with UK aggregator to unlock new revenue schemes for the DC Microgrid and V2G concept.

Project Description
Smart Power Systems are developing a highly innovative DC Microgrid distribution system with monitoring and control by our smartPHASE EMS. This system incorporates our comGRID battery storage system. For this project we are introducing a mix of new Lithium Ion batteries and our 2nd Life EV Batteries we have developed through our relationship with Autogreen. We are developing our control system to manage both types of batteries to work together in an optimum, safe manner. The control system will consist of functionality to integrate V2G charging into the car park. This will allow the EV to sell energy back to the main grid, charge the local energy storage as well as being able to sell energy to other EV users in the car park, so called V2V charging. The system will be served by a web based back office in order that EV drivers can manage their charging and selling electricity via their own smart phone app. We are designing and supplying the DC Distribution System which will offer a higher conversion efficiency than multiple, individual converters connected to the AC grid. Our control system will manage the voltage levels and power flows on the DC Microgrid. Our control system is also being developed to interface directly with an aggregator in order to demonstrate new revenue streams which can be obtained with different technology types connected to the DC Microgrid.

Key Features

  • First true DC Microgrid for EV Charging and V2G
  • Introducing concept of V2V charging
  • Ability to overcome grid constraints enabling EV charging infrastructure connection
  • Local integration of any form of renewable energy and low carbon generation
  • Containerised smart hub to minimise installation times
  • Increased revenues with new grid aggregation streams