Etopia Corby

A contemporary collection of new, low carbon homes integrated with a Smart Home Energy Management System providing cost effective, sustainable eco living.

Project Description

The Corby Community Microgrid is made up of 31 separate homes and an apartment block with 16 homes. Each house has the Smart Power Systems resGRID product and the apartment block has a larger system using our comGRID. The units have been designed to operate as a community microgrid for this new low carbon development in the East Midlands, England.

This project demonstrates a smart home benchmark model for future UK houses, how microgrids manage EV charging and overcome main grid constraints and facilitation of the connection of new housing developments to aging, constrained grid infrastructure.

Our role is designing and then installing each unit on a turnkey basis. This involves interfaces with the IDNO for grid connections and to IDNO control systems. The smartPhase EMS monitors heat pumps and demand to ensure grid constraints are not exceeded. EV chargers are installed in buildings as part of the scheme. Real time monitoring of technical data is sent to UK Government technology bodies in order to demonstrate how new low carbon homes operate in practice. The battery storage systems will also form part of a trial for peer to peer trading.

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