Battery storage and microgrid systems for commercial settings, outperforming government targets with increased reliance on highly efficient and resilient microgrids.


comGRID is a modularised, bespoke system designed to meet the requirements of our clients’ energy infrastructure. It can be installed in front of the meter for direct benefits to network operators or behind the meter for benefits to the energy user. It has applications in the following settings:

  • With commercial power generation systems:
    • Renewable project sites such as solar and wind farms
    • Buildings with installed renewable plant requiring batteries for time-shifting, grid services, disaster recovery, resilience and other uses
  • Grid-connected clients
    • Industrial and military sites
    • Optimising new initiatives such as CHP
    • Solving integration, performance or other legacy issues
    • Addressing grid constraints
  • “Remote Grid” for off-grid systems
    • Suited to almost any difficult environment from oil/gas and mining to telecoms and government sites
  • Microgrids for communities
    • Remote sites combining domestic and commercial uses
    • Matching plant size to demand
    • Achieving efficient operation and reducing service requirements

All applications combine batteries with a converter system and smartPHASE. comGRID is modular and scalable, installation can be shipping container based or be designed to fit in dedicated indoor space on client’s premises.

Key Feature
The key feature is smartPHASE. This is the intelligence that resides in all Smart Power Systems products including comGRID and evGRID. It is responsible for managing the battery system and any interconnected equipment in order to achieve system optimisation and to meet the client’s objective, which is often reduction in energy cost.

smartPHASE is made up of two distinct controller modules:

  • Real Time Controller (RTC)
    • High resolution rule-based controller monitoring and controlling the battery storage and other plant
    • Maximising self consumption from on-site generation
    • Responsible for managing VPP, peer to peer and grid side services
  • Predictive Controller (PC)
    • Based on machine learning algorithms to manage forecast uncertainty of home demand and PV Solar (or other) energy output
    • Decision making tool sends intelligent control instructions to RTC based controller on historical demand and PV solar data as well as “look ahead” based on future meteorological conditions
    • Provides battery management based on seasonal variation.

smartPHASE incorporates a web-based service which gives a complete overview of system performance. The resGRID™ system is able to predict electricity, gas and water bills integrating with other smart devices installed in the home. Smart Power Systems’ resGRID™ products are a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Other Features
  • IEC and UL compliant
  • Reduce grid connection costs
  • Participate in grid balancing services
  • Reduce energy costs by increasing consumption of renewable energy and using low-cost power
  • Improve security of supply
  • Feed site-critical loads during loss of grid
  • Indoor and outdoor installation.
Product Options
  • Can be configured for projects at any scale, whether small community systems with 50 kWh energy storage requirement to large generation applications made up of up to 50 MWh of energy storage capacity
  • Behind the Meter or Front of Meter projects
  • Converter configuration can be arranged for direct AC connection or DC connection sharing a DC system with renewables / EV Charging
  • Can be utilised as the main control hub of an AC or DC Microgrid
  • Battery Vendor and Technology – we generally work with Lithium Iron Phosphate technologies which are considered the safest battery type. However, we are able to work with other battery types which can be integrated using our smartPHASE and other components.