Some of the UKs first commercial battery storage systems installed in order to maximise PV Solar use within a constrained, urban grid area.

Project Description
The Peterborough projects were combined battery storage and PV Solar grid connected on schools and commercial premises. The project objective was to use battery storage as an enabler to install rooftop PV Solar over multiple rooftops in an urban area. Without the battery storage the PV Solar could not be connected alone as its power could not be exported to the grid before 5pm in the day due to grid constraints. So the battery storage absorbed surplus PV Solar Energy in the day and discharged during the evening into the site customer demand or to the grid. They were monitored and controlled via a centralised energy management system which was responsible for battery charging / discharging, grid export power flow and PV Solar Inverter power limiting. The largest project was a 1 MWh containerised solution with a 250 kWh and several 50kW-100kWh PV Solar projects. SPS were responsible for design and turnkey EPC of each installation.