Smart Power Systems and Autogreen give recycled vehicles an infinitely energised zero waste future!

Project Description

Smart Power Systems have teamed up with Daventry based Autogreen to create the World’s first dual ‘closed loop’ recycling process.

The JV creates 2nd Life Batteries for commercial, industrial and residential energy storage. The process involves the stripping down of EV Batteries into their original component parts. All original sources and references are removed creating a series of anonymised parts. Smart Power System then test the anonymous individual parts and cells to identify and isolate the highest performing parts which are powered by the smartPHASE controller and Bi-Directional Converter ready for application in residential, commercial or utility scale applications. The repurposed Energy Storage System will receive a new SPS IEC compliant certificate, new branding and an SPS Warranty.

SPS appreciate that the Electric Vehicle will become an integrated part of the domestic and community energy mix. Our focus is on the Energy Management System and intelligent controls utilising new batteries.

When we were approached by Autogreen, we were intrigued by the possibility of integrating recovered batteries from Electric/Hybrid vehicles in the UK. The idea of solving the waste problem with used EV Batteries and using them in stationary commercial or domestic applications to interface with EV’s provided the ultimate renewable energy solution. We are delighted to be working with Autogreen on this opportunity  

Dr Ian Chilvers – Smart Power Systems Limited

SPS intend to incorporate this product into its current pipeline where design allows including the Smart Hubs initiative with Newcastle University where it is applying the smartPHASE controller for the way in which Electric Vehicles interact with the grid and other vehicles in the trading of energy. It is the intention of SPS to launch the 2nd Life Battery into the government sponsored Smart Hubs project.

In terms of continuing the dual life process, Autogreen will take the 2nd Life Batteries post SPS warranty and combine these old batteries with defective battery cells that failed to meet the standard for the 2nd Life battery test. These battery components are put through a closed-loop hydrometallurgical system with no green-house gas emissions and Zero Landfill waste. The recovered raw product is Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt which can be supplied to the EV Battery Market, or the telecoms, domestic, commercial or utility battery sectors.

We are passionate about reducing the UK’s carbon footprint and its reliance on mining natural resources. Resources are readily available to us in the urban community that can be used re-purposed and re-used in manufacturing process. The technology that we are establishing in the UK will create the UK’s first closed loop dual recycling process using low energy metallurgical extraction. We are excited to progress this important initiative with our Partners and in doing so, further expand on the achievements of the UK End of Life Automotive Sector  
Paul Hillier, Autogreen